a scientist is experimenting with bacteria that are one micron in diameter and that reproduce by dividing every minute into two bacteria. at 12:00pm, he puts a single organism in a container. at precisely 1:00pm, the container is full. at what time was the container half full?
bacteria 18 answers in and here are the 10 winners: callum arthur, lois keeler, jordan morton, hannah thomas, megan wilson, amber clair, callum ebbs, luke hillan, megan downey, and sean burrell. collect your prizes after half term!

21 Responses to “bacteria puzzle 7y1 (no prizes now – unclaimed!)”
  1. Ben Wagstaff says:

    I think the answer to this puzzle is 12.30PM

  2. luke carter says:

    from luke carter

  3. Sean Patterson says:


  4. Miles Thomas says:


  5. Luke Hillan says:

    sorry it’s 12:59!!!!!

  6. Tom Harrop says:

    59 minutes when container is half full.

  7. callum ebbs says:

    12:59 pm

  8. chris butler says:

    half past twelve

  9. Megan Downey says:

    New answer: 12:59.

  10. please reply with your correct full name…

  11. Amber clare says:

    It was half full at 12:59 pm

  12. sean burrell says:

    the answer is 12:59 i have changed my answer me

  13. Megan Wilson says:

    The container was half full at 12:59pm

  14. hannah thomas says:

    the answer is 12:59

  15. Cieran Clarke says:

    It was half full at 59 minutes

  16. Jordan says:


  17. lois keeler says:


  18. Callum Arthur says:

    The answer is 12:59

  19. Brandon Jones says:


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